Meet our reindeer!

Donner - April 2, 2012 to February 7, 2017

One of our original reindeer, Donner came to us with his brother, Blitzen from a farm in New York. Donner was a "full of life" reindeer, he could count to 5 and would just for a treat. Donner never left your side and would often supervise any activity in his pastures especially getting in the way for work or barn cleaning. We miss Donner dearly but we were very fortunate to have him in our lives. 

Blitzen - April 28. 2012 to October 13, 2017

Being the second half of our reindeer dream, Blitzen filled those shoes and was quite large and in charge. Blitzens sudden loss has left us heartbroken. Affectionately nicknamed "Big Man" Our largest reindeer he topped the scales at over 350lbs, Blitzen was a gentle giant, . Blitzen had a apple treat addiction and entertained guests with his willingness to take treats from your hand, Blitzen always was an easy going reindeer very loved by his people who care for him.

Annabelle - April 1, 2009

Annabelle aka Dasher came to us in 2015 bred and awaiting her baby's birth.  She is a shy girl who plays keep away quite well especially from the vet. Her favorite treat is beet pulp and fresh cut willow!  Her favorite handler is Dave Lock, one of our wonderful volunteer firefighters/EMT's.  Annabelle is a wonderful mom and serrogate nursery mom to any baby reindeer, especially our new additionn Cupid;s baby. Annabelle is quite a pretty girl.

Prancer - April 20, 2015 to August 24, 2015

Prancer was our first ever baby born at Apthorp Farms from mom Annabelle.  She was silly, rambunctious and often times got Blitzen into trouble!  Although our time with her was short, she taught us a lot about living life to the fullest everyday you get. Prancer was my granddaughters little reindeer and Brooke cared for her very well, even in her illness and last days. She will be forever missed.

Cupid - April 2, 2007

Cupid and her baby boy recently joined our family this June 1, 2017. She came from the same herd as Annabelle in Wisconsin from two wonderful people we cannot thank enough, Diana and Steve. Cupid was born to Diana's herd and has been a lifelong member of her herd, we are truly thankful for this opportunity to give her a home with our herd. Cupid is quiet and very sweet and friendly. She loves willow and waits, sometimes impatiently at the fence for her noon day treat! We cannot wait for everyone to meet her this Christmas we know you will love her as much as we do!

Yukon - April 23, 2017

This little bundle of joy and attitude has arrive with mom. He is healthy and lively "barks" to all the other reindeer, and doesn't even know yet he will be our breeding bull for future generations. With his independent attitude he will do just fine, but for right now he can enjoy being a kid! He loves playing soccer with our granddaughter Brooke and also lets me know when I am late with the noon day willow delivery! We  named him, Yukon after that was the most voted for name in a fundraiser for EARS rabbit rescue and a cancer patient at Clark Elementary.  Yukon turned one Aprile 23, 2018 this year we hope he will be dad to a baby reindeer or two.

Sven - April 26, 2014

 What a guy, nosy, bossy and lovable, Sven was a wonderful gesture from some awesome reindeer people at Silly Safari's in Indianapolis Indiana. Emma and John's selfless gesture of allowing us to add Sven to our herd after the loss of Donner helped to ease some of the heartache by jumping right into Donner's shoes with the same gregarious attitude that Donner had. He is young, full of life, and very adventurous going anywhere I do including the house! When you meet Sven you will be entertained by his endless antics! Sven was a gift to our farm provided by my wonderful Aunt Jean and Uncle Michael.  

Ava - April 2, 2015

 Ava, she is a quiet but outgoing girl, she is very pretty and we are happy to see she blended nicely into our herd. Sven and Ava are inseparable and worked all last Christmas season together.  We do know she dislike vet checks and shots, but she does like animals crackers and apple treats.  Ava's recent introduction to Rudy went well, Ava seems to be the mediator keeping everyone from fighting and in harmony with each other.  Ava recently turned three, we are thrilled with her laid back calm personality. 

Rudy - May 15 2016

Our newest member a 2 year old bull is Rudy. Rudy arrived to us from a another fellow reindeer owner and breeder, Nick Ledbetter in Oklahoma. Nick knew we were loooking for a second bull to start our breeding program this year. Rudy is quite a nice boy, easy going even tempered and curious. Rudy has only been here three weeks and we are still figuring out his likes and dislike. So far his likes cover the gambit from spending time with him, to feeding him willow an animal cookies. He doesn't seem to like apple treats but enjoys his new diet. Stay tuned as I am many local fans will be happy we can bring Rudolph or Rudy along this season to the experiences.

future members of our family

stay tuned

future members of our family

stay tuned

future members of our family

stay tuned