About Us

Set your event or business apart!


Reindeer - magical, endearing, mystical and unique always draw a crowd. Whether you are fundraising or promoting a special event, do it with reindeer! you won't be disappointed. Ask us for referrence of past venues while you decide if our reindeer are right for your event.

Generate excitement


Reindeer invoke fond memories, and generate many questions about their being "real". Young and young at heart can experience many for the first time the love of live reindeer. Have your event convey a special memory. We provide live reindeer in an educational and entertaining presentation you will never forget.

Volunteers start reindeer business


Apthorp Farms Inc. circa 2012 is owned,  operated and run by volunteer firefighters and paramedics. With core values in  dedication and service to community and others - we offer exceptional service to our clients as well as our reindeer in our care.