research articles for reindeer

 blood flow pathophysiology and TBV equasions  


reindeer ECGS;jsessionid=D2B781C2134D6EACEE77FFFE99197137?request_locale=ru&recordID+DJ2012084976&query=&sourceQuery=&agrovocString=&advQuery=&centerString=&enableField=&aggregatorField=&typeresultsField=        

170 mystery and deer blood cells       

West Nile Virus in reindeer  

Pregnancy lab values in reindeer  

Babesia treatment in captive reindeer  

American Consortium for small ruminant parasite control  

epidemiology of parasite in reindeer  

CWD and reindeer   

CWD Norway study in reindeer 

P.tenius in reindeer  

P.tenius treatments  


Anaplasmosis in whitetail deer. 

Rut and depo provera (medroxyprogesterone) use 

parapoxvirus and reindeer (no treatment provided) 

reindeer unique eyesight and summer winter shifts 

Haemonchus Contortus Barberpole blog research from Cornell University 


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