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reindeer and microchips - Deb Apthorp

First, let me thank Mari Moss, if not for her this brilliant tool in monitoring my reindeer herds health would not have even been a tool. during a post on reindeer owners (Denise Hardy's site), Mari simply stated her vet placed a microchip in her reindeer's neck, commonly used by equine vets in checking the temperature.  Epiphany, buy a microchip reader (universal) available thru the veterinary supply catalog and of course Amazon (everything you think appears on Amazon, lol) so I began that evening to endeavor to buy my home again universal microchip scanner.  upon arrival, I scanned my dog, no temperature displayed so I went to the website to download the manual. Still no temperature after a software update, so I began the lengthy conversation with a nice guy in tech support.  After learning that NOT every microchip has temperature sensing technology I was directed to 4 microchips that can be read, Ironically Home Again the scanner producer was not listed by their own tech support! so don't go buy a bunch of Home Again microchips without asking first! I was told chips capable are thru Avid Tempscan, FDX-A & FDX-B FECAVA again and Trovan  The chips Mari is using are by manufacturer Destron Fearing (recently bought up by Allflex Tags.  The purpose is that anyone who has owned a reindeer more than a day understands getting rectal temperatures isn't an easy task. This would allow you to easily scan your herd during routine care, shots, grooming, vet checks, etc.  I personally purchased 10 of the Destron Fearing Bio Therm technology chips that my veterinarian will place early March. Since when reindeer being prey animals often times hide illness until it is usually too late, this would allow anyone to easily check their temperature when an animal just appears "off" I would say as I learn more about this technology my only advice is to make sure when buying a reader or chip make sure they are compatible. There are many out there and any veterinarian can point you in a good direction.  I will add the disclaimer I am not a veterinarian, always seek professional advice in your state with rules and laws surrounding your animals. With many thanks to Mari Moss and her vet Dr. D. Dutton DVM Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery