Although not all charity events are closed for 2018. please support our current charity events

2018 Charities and news

Help Sparrow Pond and us support the first of our charities this 2018 season

Help us pay it forward, we were approached by some wonderful people at Sparrow Pond to support our reindeer.  We will be supporting at least two special people with proceeds given to us from Sparrow Ponds event. Will will be support Colton Malinoski who has been diagnosed with  MFM (Myofibriller Myopathy)  a degenerative disease effected muscles including heart and skeletal muscles.  We will also be donating funds to a very special cancer patient who is very important to us and our reindeer. Supporting charities is vital to Apthorp Farms Inc. reindeer and we continually do so as a thanks to our local Erie support that have been there for our reindeer in our own medical issues for the reindeer in 2015.  We are very thankful for the reindeer continued support and fan following in the news and social media. Please help us help others as we have had done for us!

Meet Coulton Malinowski

you can also support Coulton at his gofundme page at

Special support for a special veterinarian

When we learned one of our reindeers favorite vets was diagnosed with cancer our hearts sank. This special person is back to work while fighting cancer. Schools loans and evryday bills can add up when you become ill, please help us help our with whatever we can. Our reindeer would be lost without one of their beloved vet care team members.